“...By turns playful, poignant, and exquisitely crafted, "Big Miniature" consist of a series of brightly colored scrims and panels imprinted with a variety of images: jazzy-looking decorative patterns; outlines of tables, chairs, cars and other domestic objects...”

BILL VAN SICLEN The Providence Journal

“...It's a jazzy, delightful installation; you feel as if you're actually inside the collage, navigating your way through and under and around its bright jumble of elements. They clamor and clash, but they fit together well enough to invite you to explore...”

CATE MCQUAID The Boston Globe

“...Salerno's drawings, installation and cut paper sculptures suggest a complex and beautiful natural order. Forms of sea organisms inspired the suspended sculptures that constitute the "White Sea" installation...”

HANK HOFFMAN The New Haven Advocate

“...(Salerno) is bold and inventive with color, making sculptures and paintings that often subvert scenes of domesticity and romantic stereotypes.  Some work as twisted fairy tales...”

DOUG NORRIS Art New England

“...inspired by architecture and decorative arts...confinement to two dimensions is hardly a hinderance.  Instead color and composition lead the viewer into labyrinthine worlds layered with images and patterns that tell stories rich in visual meaning...”

LISA UTMAN RANDALL The Newport Mercury

“...It's like doilies in heaven. But to be more specific, the hanging sculptures resemble mutant mashups of jellyfish, tutus, water lilies, wedding cakes, chandeliers, and party favors...”

GREG COOK The Providence Phoenix